Our Signature Almond Croissant

Large fluffy double baked butter croissant filled with a thick layer of creamy almond filling, topped off with roasted almonds.


Strawberry Shortcake Croissant

Large buttery croissant filled with delicious strawberry shortcake cream and fresh picked strawberries.


AUGUST SPECIAL - Pecan Apple Pie Croissant

Fresh buttery croissant with creamy pecan filling, topped off with caramelized apples and apple crumbles.


Walnut Carrot Cake Croissant

Large fluffy twice-baked butter croissant filled with a thick layer of spiced carrot walnut cake filling, topped off with walnut carrot crumble and cream cheese icing.

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New Flavour Coming Soon

We are working very hard to come up with creative delicious flavours that will wow you. Stay tuned.